Reception for local film 'Old Soldiers' tomorrow night [Movies]

Reception for local film 'Old Soldiers' tomorrow night [Movies]

Many people grow up wanting to make movies. For many of the people I’ve known, it’s a common dream-stage, along the lines of Astronaut or Paleontologist. The stage usually passes and people go on to create other, hopefully fulfilling, careers. However, for many, the dream persists, and thus we have a thriving local film community – one which requires the support of our city’s residents in order to continue to bloom. Tomorrow night brings an opportunity to do just that with a reception to be held at the Chez Moi Art Gallery for the upcoming local film “Old Soldiers.”

A bit of history: the “Historic” in the name of “Historic Locust Grove” is there for a reason. It was a farm owned by Lucy and William Croghan, the latter of whom was the brother-in-law of George Rogers Clark, the founder of Louisville. Throughout the years, Locust Grove has hosted three presidents and the famed Lewis and Clark, among others. (The full history can be found at the Locust Grove website.) Croghan had a son, George, who became a hero during the War of 1812. “Old Soldiers” tells his story.

The reception is a chance for interested people to meet with the cast and crew and to see some advance scenes from the film. It is also meant to function as a fundraiser for the remaining stages of film production; monetary donations are not required, but they will be happily accepted. A silent auction will also take place for this purpose.

The reception takes place tomorrow evening, Saturday, April 14, at 7:00. The Chez Moi Art Gallery is located at 317 Winkler Avenue.

Photographs courtesy of the press release.

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