Register early for the film symposium at U of L

Register early for the film symposium at U of L

You may not be aware of it, but we here in Louisville have a booming film culture. It's a great city for independent filmmakers to work in, and the powers-that-be are reportedly working hard to make Louisville an attractive place for those with bigger budgets to make movies. (Many cities across the country are chosen as filming locations for tax incentives, among other things.) So, where are we with this today?

I'm glad you asked, because coming up early next month is a Film Symposium hosted by the University of Louisville. The conference, titled “Film and Filmmaking in Kentucky,” aims to “offer a close-up of the state’s movie industry and present a panoramic shot of its future” (see what they did there?). Various panelists include Josephine Decker, Gill Holland, Kimberly Levin, Mimi Pickering, Tom Thurman, and Zachary Treitz. They will discuss topics such as film production from start to finish, the business of film, documentaries, and the academic side of film. First lady Jane Beshear will open the conference, and the keynote speaker will be Stephen Prince, professor of cinema studies at Virginia Tech.

The conference takes place at the University of Louisville on Friday, October 4. The $25 registration fee includes lunch and continental breakfast. Early registration is encouraged to avoid missing out on the opportunity; in addition, university students and faculty can attend for free if they register by Wednesday, September 25. Those wishing to register should contact Janna Tajibaeva at or by calling 502-852-2247. More details can be found at the event page on the U of L website.

Image: U of L website

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