Released last night, Facebook Places doesn't work in Louisville yet [News]


Like seemingly half the people in Kentucky, Facebook Places does not work.

The new feature, released just last night, is supposed to allow users to check in at a venue via their mobile phone, alerting their friends to their whereabouts. (You know, the same feature Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt, Whrrl, Brightkite and Yelp already offer.)

Only Louisville-area Facebook users trying to check in receive a message, "This feature will be available in your region soon."

But no need for Mayor Jerry Abramson to storm Facebook headquarters to inform its cofounder, President and CEO Mark Zuckerberg that Louisville is the country's 16th largest city and deserve's access to Facebook Places. Facebook users in cities even bigger than Louisville (yes, they exist) have reported receiving the same message. Facebook has not yet replied to my e-mail asking about when Louisvillians eager to stalk their exs can expect this feature to work.

Rest assured though, about six months after Facebook Places does work here, Velocity will have a cover article about how that orange-skinned guy with the receding Justin Bieber haircut from Southern Belles: Louisville is simultaneously checking in at 5,000 different places.

Photo: Courtesy Facebook