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The fans were definitely revved up for the Dropkick Murphys after Quiet Hollers finished playing. The Dropkick Murphys’ portion of the show started with the lights down with some traditional Celtic singing playing through the sound system. When the Dropkick Murphys came on stage the fans went wild. There was a pretty nice sized mosh pit on the first floor that formed once the Murphys started playing.  I was pretty blown away by the audacity of some of the fans. It happened to me twice where some fans just shoved their way in front of me to get to the front of the stage. No excuse me; no sorry for elbowing you in the side, nothing mattered except for them getting to the front row. Security was definitely at full force, but also relaxed enough to let fans enjoy themselves. The only exception was when some fans tried to crowd surf onto the stage. Security quickly put an end to that.

The Dropkick Murphys put on a highly energized and exciting show. I loved how Jeff DaRosa and Tim Brennan traded off instruments throughout the show. Who would have known the best looking guys in the band would be the accordion and banjo players, at least in my opinion.  Scruffy Wallace on bagpipes and tin whistle was icing on the cake. Wallace even wore a kilt and made it look good. Their punk rock energy and Irish flair was enthralling to watch. The music is completely uninhibited and calls for romping and frolicking around a mosh pit. I value my teeth and limbs too much, so I retreated towards the front of the stage to enjoy the music. Fans even got a sneak peak of their upcoming album “Signed and Sealed In Blood.” The couple of new songs they played were definitely in line with their staple sound, but more polished. If the whole album is like the few songs they played at the show, fans should not be disappointed.

Like Kelly predicted in our interview, the fan experience was unmatched by any other concert I have been to. The music was great and the energy was overwhelming. All I need to remember for next time are shin guards, shoulder pads, and ear plugs. Then maybe I will join in the moshing.

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Quiet Hollers
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