A romantic proposal led a couple to the hospital [Extras]

A romantic proposal led a couple to the hospital [Extras]

Imagine getting into a life-threatening accident only a few minutes after getting engaged. That is exactly what happened to a couple in Sellersburg, Indiana, just south from Louisville.

Wednesday night, the groom-to-be proposed to his bride-to-be on a romantic hot air balloon ride; however, it all ended wrong. Although they landed safely once, followed by the awaited, “Yes," the pilot raised the balloon back in the air because they had landed on an overgrown patch with tall grass. Unfortunately, it hit a power line.

The basket carrying the passengers collided with the power lines causing the pilot and balloon owner, Dallas Beall (also the owner of a Louisville-based jewelry store), to get hit with an electrical shock.

Beall was given CPR by the future groom and luckily, he was conscious by the time the police arrived. The three of them were taken to the hospital for burns. Thankfully, no life-threatening injuries were found.

Photo: Courtesy Wave3 News

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