Rumor says Burdorf's Center about to become a lot cooler

Have you ever shopped at Burdorf's furniture? 

Neither have I. 

Oh, sure, I've abused their parking lot when eating at 60 West Bistro, Brendans, Bluegrass Brewing Company or Carolina Shrimp and Seafood. It's a great location in the heart of St. Matthews (especially now that St. Matthews Station across the street is starting to revitalize) - just not for furniture shopping. 

Rumor has it the Burdorf's Center building owners are finally giving into reality and converting it from a furniture store into a trendy strip mall. This is good news, since the area is gradually turning into a pretty nice walkable zone. No one wants to carry a couch.
I'm embarassed to admit I never set foot inside Burdorf's until I heard they planned to convert the building, and then I only wanted a hint at what it could become. I have to say, the place is full of upscale noir charm. You can still see evidence of it's former life as Bacon's and then a Dillard's Home Store. I hope the new tenants keep the retro interior.

Speaking of new tenants, rumors are the building will be split into multiple local shops including at least one new restaurant and possibly a day spa - all connected to that coveted, precious St. Matthews parking lot. 
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