Ryan Scott Guitars: Louisville custom crafted and repaired guitars [Music]

Ryan Scott Guitars: Louisville custom crafted and repaired guitars [Music]


You said you recently moved back to Louisville. When was that?
I decided it was time to come back and set up shop in home town Louisville in November 2011. 
How long have you been doing this?
Professionally since January 2006.
What sparked your interest?
I've been seeking the golden tone since I can remember. I began modifying my own instruments with swapping my own pickups and hardware to constantly improve the tone and functionality. At the same time always considering what could make it a better mousetrap.
Do you play instruments? Which ones?
Bass guitar, acoustic guitar and the occasional baritone sax.
What do you make your molds out of?  
Medium density fiberboard—usually referred to as MDF.  [It's] found at any Lowes or Home Depot
What do you make the guitars out of?
Starting with acoustic guitars: Tops are typically made from spruce or cedar for their high strength to weight ratio, meaning they can be very thin to produce a good resonant sound while being strong enough to handle the tension of the strings. Back and side woods vary depending on what tone I'm looking for. Harder woods like maple or ebony provide a more tight crisp tone, sometimes louder, whereas most rosewoods lend a very warm and bass rich tone. So…back and sides can be Indian rosewood, Cocobolo rosewood, Brazilian rosewood, Hawaian koa, flamed maple, mahogany or Macassar ebony to name a few.
Electric guitars: mahogany, swamp ash, soft maple, alder for the bodies. For top woods I like to use anything with an exotic striking appearance like Flamed Walnut or Quilted Maple. Diseased woods like Spalted Maple or Burled Woods have a very unusual but beautiful appearance.  
I make my acoustic necks out of quartersawn (much stronger) mahogany, and electrics from quartersawn maple.
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