Ryan Scott Guitars: Louisville custom crafted and repaired guitars [Music]

Ryan Scott Guitars: Louisville custom crafted and repaired guitars [Music]

Were there any specific people who were big inspirations for you?

Instrument makers:  Ken Smith basses, Fodera Basses, Carl Thompson basses, Ivin Simogi guitars, Olson guitars.
Musicians: Stanley Clarke, Vic Wooten, Bela Fleck, and my overly supportive family and friends that never once told me I should just get a real job.
What is your booth number at Mellwood art center, how should people contact you? Do you have  a website?
Unit #254 (by appointment), call anytime 502-299-7525. Scottguitarworks.com
What should people know about you and your work?
I am OCD by nature leaving me in the constant pursuit of perfection. I always make sure that is reflected in all my work. I feel that I have the of advantage being an experienced guitar repairman having seen so many custom and commercial instruments through the shop to analyze. I study the design elements that have worked (or failed) for decades for many builders and try to improve on them where I can. An example would be the recent addition of installing lightweight graphite reinforcement rods in all the necks I make. This small improvement stabilizes the neck creating lifelong reliable instrument with a fraction of the issues typically seen in commercial string instruments.
Illustration: Sara Lewis; Photos: Courtesy Scott Guitar Works
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