Saturday School with Damaged Goods [Theater]

Damaged Goods

Saturday school never seemed so fun, especially when Damaged Goods gets involved.  The improv comedy troupe will host the all-improv show Stuck in Saturday School tomorrow night.

Stuck in Saturday School will go on Aug. 25 at 7:30 p.m. in the lounge area of The Bard's Town, located at 1801 Bardstown Road in the Highlands.  Doors will open at 7 p.m., and the show is expected to last two hours.  

Entrance to the festivities is only $5 per person, cash only.  No advance reservations are available.  More information on the show can be found at the Damaged Goods event page.

Damaged Goods is an improv comedy troupe that performs Whose Line Is It Anyway? style improv games and skits.  For Stuck in Saturday School, the games will take on a class clown sort of feel.  Skits will take place with the Damaged Goods members creating everything from their minds.  Audience interaction is a must, as many suggestions for each skit or scene will come directly from people's suggestions.  Audience members may even be called onto stage if a scene, or one of the performers, calls for it.

Damaged Goods performs around the Louisville area at various times during the year.  Keep checking its Facebook page for information on future dates.

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(Image from Damaged Goods)