Scare Halloween trick-or-treaters twice with necrosculpturist Nix's scarecrow prank

Louisville-based necrosculpturist Nix, who'll be profiled next week on, has this suggestion for scaring trick-or-treaters on Halloween: You need two people. Dress your front porch with fall and Halloween decorations. Turn off all of the lights to your house, except the front porch so trick-or-treaters know you're giving our candy. On the porch, have someone in a lame scarecrow costume, pretending to be a scarecrow--that is, not moving--sitting on a chair with a bowl of candy in his or her lap and a sign telling trick-or-treaters to take a handful. The other person dresses up crazy and hides in the bushes. While the kids are focused on what they think is a lame decoration and the candy, the other person comes up from behind them and scares them. When they turn around to look at the first scare, the person in the scarecrow costume comes up from behind and gets them a second time. All that's left to do afterward is explain to the police why you have so many crying children on your lawn. For more information:Scare Halloween trick-or-treaters with artist Jeff Gaither's missing screen prank. (Photo: Flickr/kallu)