School’s Out! Drop in! art camps at KMAC

School’s Out! Drop in! art camps at KMAC

JCPS students will be enjoying their winter break next week, February 25-March 1, but a long, cold week stuck inside can get old very fast. Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, smack dab in the middle of Museum Row on Main Street, hosts convenient drop-in craft workshops when public schools are not in session, and it's a great opportunity to try something different with your child.

Camps will be held between noon and 3:00 pm and cost $6 per child. Museum members are free! Reservations are not required; just go to the third floor studio anytime between 12:00-3:00 pm. On Tuesday, campers will make a collage from brightly colored vinyl sign materials. The Wednesday workshop will be to explore patterns, color, and texture to create a fiber collage from various found materials—fabric scraps, buttons, yarn, and more. Thursday campers will play with easy-to-mold polymer clay, creating a sculpture that bakes in just twenty minutes! On Friday, KMAC will let students paint with found objects (paintbrushes, cups and mugs, toy wheels, buttons, etc.) to create a unique and interesting painting.

During Spring Break 2012, I took my 2, 5, and 7 year-olds to a KMAC camp where we built and decorated a kite. Honestly, I didn't have high hopes for this activity, but I wanted to check out the museum and take the kids on a walk around downtown. But I was pleasantly surprised when we sat down to construct kites from dowels, paper, and streamers. The kids loved it. And, best of all, when we went to Joe Creason Park afterwards to test out our new creations, they flew ten times better than any cheap kite I've bought at Target in the past. It was a great piece of our spring break that didn't break the bank.

KMAC is located at 715 W. Main St. For more information about the School’s Out camps, look here or call Julie at 502-589-0102 ext. 209. School’s Out! Drop in! workshops will also be held during spring break (April 1-5), and the first and last weeks of summer break (June 10-14 and August 12-16).

Photos: courtesy of Julie Yoder/KMAC

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