Seidenfaden's Cafe's new Sunday Brunch - With Special Guests


Starting this Sunday, September 24th, Seidenfaden Cafe will be open for Sunday brunch from 11AM - 2PM with one interesting twist: the menu will rotate weekly as one of Louisville’s local food trucks take over the kitchen.


Heading up the pack is French Indo-Canada, who will be serving up specials like omurice (a Japanese rice omelette), and a dish they call “Here’s to Feeling Good Forever.” It looks to be a massive pile of eggs, bacon and hashbrowns, but the exciting part is the toppings - maple-sweetened sriracha, bonito flakes and aioli. They’re also cooking up biscuits and gravy if  classic breakfast is your style.


Here’s a short list of the coming food truck visitors:

November 24th: French Indo-Canada

December 1st: Grind

December 8th: Holy Molé


Check out the Facebook page for their event to RSVP and keep an eye on the schedule for upcoming trucks.


Photo courtesy of Seidenfaden's Cafe