Shakespeare and Batman mash-up at Alley Theater


The Alley Theater has long been known for bringing pop culture classics and Shakespearean works to the stage in alternative ways. Bat Hamlet is no exception and will be presented this weekend at the Alley.

Bat Hamlet will take place on Mar. 27-29 and Apr. 3-5 at 7:30 p.m. each night. All performances are to take place at Alley Theater, located at 633 West Main Street in downtown Louisville.

Tickets for each show are $20 for adults, $15 for seniors and military members, and $12 for students. All tickets can be purchased at the Alley Theater website.

One of Shakespeare's greatest works is reimagined with Batman aspects for Bat Hamlet. Hamlet, the prince who sought revenge against his uncle for killing his father, is turned into more of a costumed justice seeker in the mashup. Instead of the king being killed, a police commissioner has been murdered, and Bat Hamlet must avenge his death with plenty of BAM! SOCK! POW! action straight out of the original Batman series. As in Shakespeare's play, though, madness, both real and imagined, will still be ever present.

Kathryn Furrow directed the Jordan Pulliam-created play for Alley Theater. 

During Bat Hamlet's run, Alley Theater will also present the Superhuman festival. That festival begins next week. 

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(Image from Alley Theater)