Sleep, imagination, and the Humana Festival

Sleep Rock Thy Brain image

Don't go to sleep before catching Sleep Rock Thy Brain, which opens tonight as part of the Humana Festival.

Sleep Rock Thy Brain will take place at various times from Mar. 22-April 7.  All performances are to happen at Lincoln Performing Arts School, located at 930 East Main Street in Louisville.

Tickets for each show are $20 per person.  Reservations in advance are highly recommended as some shows may have already sold out. All tickets can be purchased by going to the Actors Theatre website, the Actors Theatre box office, or by calling the box office at 502-584-1205.

Sleep is one of life's great mysteries, even though we spend around 1/3 of our lives doing it.  Things happen while a person is asleep, especially in the mind.  Actors Theatre's Acting Apprentice Company will use their imaginations to understand the complexities of sleep and what is happening in the mind during Sleep Rock Thy Brain.  

Rinne Groff, Lucas Hnath, Ann Washburn, Amy Attaway, and Sarah Lunnie developed Sleep Rock Thy Brain.  Attaway also directed the production.

More information on this show and the other Humana Festival shows can be found at the Actors Theatre website.

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(Image from Actors Theatre)