Some Louisville media outlets get online journalism; the Courier-Journal is not among them


March 17:'s Eve Bohakel Lee's "Are Twig and Leaf's days numbered" breaks the story that "A Cleveland-based property development firm is acting on behalf of CVS to investigate purchasing a strip of property along Bardstown Rd. near Douglass Loop for a new store. The current buildings include the Twig and Leaf, the landmark diner that has stood at the corner of Bardstown and Douglass since 1941."

March 18: On WFPL's The Edit, Gabe Bullard blogs about the development, linking back to's article.

March 18: On Louisville Mojo, Steve Coomes blogs about the development, linking back to's article.

March 21: Four days later, Sheldon S. Shafter writes about the potential closing in "CVS looking at new Bardstown Road store" in the Courier-Journal (that's the newspaper you used to get). He does not mention's story, much less link to it. The story does, however, include links to search engine results for Kroger and virtual meeting software.

And yet blogs are the media outlets that frequently get called out for shady journalism ethics by newspapers, being parasites of their origial reporting. Of course as renowned media critic Nelson Muntz said to a newspaper reporter, "Ha ha! Your medium is dying!"

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