Spring Break in the Ville

Spring Break turns Louisville into a Ghost Town

This past week driving to work has been glorious, why? Little to no traffic. Monday (officially) started Spring Break for the kiddos still lucky enough to be in school. With half the city gone south, seeking warmer weather, tans, and beaches, the rest of us benefit in a small, very small, way; a break in traffic.

So half the city is gone on Spring Break, what's the other half doing? Well, they're preparing for their own trip. Cards fans will head south to Atlanta in hopes of securing a national championship, their 3rd since 1986. Usually known as "Catlanta", cards fans will invade the city and rename it "Cardlanta".

This weekend, Louisville will be a ghost town, us few stragglers left behind will hold down the fort in the mean time.


Safe travels to all!