Sunday Nights at Seviche



A few years ago I had a fairly regular biweekly or weekly tradition of going to Seviche on Sunday nights with a few of my favorite girlfriends. Back then, their Sunday special was half priced bottles of wine and half priced seviches. We’d always order the same thing. A bottle of red wine, ahi tuna seviche in sesame, scallion, coconut, and ginger (we’d always ask for extra crunchy corn tortillas on the side), and an order of their churrascos (skirt steak), with an extra side of their mind blowing chimichurri sauce. This was more than enough food split between two, and a great and affordable meal for three. 

I recently revisited this tradition with the same girlfriends, on the same evening, with the same order. A few things have changed. My girlfriends are older, wiser, and some are now wed. The restaurant itself has expanded in size. The ahi tuna seviche doesn’t come with any crunchy corn tortillas, but when we requested some, they brought plenty. They also no longer offer half priced seviche. I wondered if this was possibly because of Chef Lamas’s commitment to sustainable seafood and the rising cost of seafood in general. If that is the case, I’m happy to lose this perk from my Sunday night tradition. 

Above all, the food is still the same, consistently incredible. I remembered why we used to make it a regular haunt. Perhaps it will be again.

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