Support local film: donate to 'New Albany: City By the River'

Support local film: donate to 'New Albany: City By the River'

I love Louisville. I really do. It's been described as a “big city with a small-town feel,” and I think this is true. It's because there is a strong sense of community here, despite its size. Local business thrives because people care strongly about the city and the people in it. Everyone is generally helpful and friendly. I've been bartending for years and have met a lot of people from around the country, and one of the things I constantly hear is how friendly they find our community. This is a wonderful thing – in a time when everything is globalized and out-spread, it's comforting to know that small pockets of community exist as well, and to live in one of them.

Just across the river is another thriving community: New Albany. Philip Collins and Daniel Frank love their community enough that they decided to commit it to film with the documentary New Albany: City by the River, which grew from inspiration while photographing historic buildings in the city for the “Our Proud Heritage” calendar. The documentary looks at the history of the city as well as what's going on now, featuring interviews with local historians and business owners.

The film is complete, but the journey is not yet over. Most of the funding for the film came from out-of-pocket, but now in the stages of DVD printing and distribution, Collins and Frank still need a little help, and so are in the midst of an Indiegogo campaign to raise $12,000. This money will go towards DVD printing and donation of the film to every school in Floyd County, as well as providing compensation for local talent who provided music for the film.

There are 15 days left in the campaign. Click here to check out the Indiegogo page and look at the perks of donation. Support local film!

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