Sweet success: It’s STILL hot enough to bake cookies on your dashboard [Highlands]


Look out Elizabeth Kizito—there's a new cookie lady in town.

Last week, Bellarmine nursing instructor Nicki Swiderski attempted to bake cookies using only her Lincoln and a reflective shade. As the heat wave has yet to break—Saturday was the hottest August 14 in 123 years—Swiderski gave her convection oven on wheels another shot. As she reported in an e-mail today:

I tried again to bake cookies today and it worked! I used the slice & bake dough, used a dark cookie sheet, and I left them on the dash for 6 hours. They were not browned but were crispy and done. 

So kudos to the Bellarmine baker for her persistence! Want to try baking cookies on your dashboard? Check out the eHow article that started it all.

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Photo: Flickr/Hello Turkey Toe