Swim the Ohio River at the Louisville Ohio River Open Water Swim [Fitness and health]


It's a rare opportunity to swim the Ohio River, but at the Louisville Ohio River Open Water Swim on Saturday, August 14, 2010 at 8:00 a.m., you can be swim the open water in a 1/2-mile, 1.2-mile, or 2.4-mile race.


And, because the course will be set up only 30 yards off the riverbank, and the 2.4-mile race will be two laps of the entire 1.2-mile course, this will be a great event for spectators on the riverfront.  Kayakers, Cost Guard and local fire departments will be in the water to ensure safety, and water temperature is expected to be in the low 80s with a slight current.


Youth swimmers are welcome to participate in the races.  The race also welcomes both experienced and novice swimmers.


For more information about the Louisville Ohio River Open Water Swim, or to sign up, visit the race's page on Active.com, and OhioRiverSwim.weebly.com.


Photo: Courtesy Ohio River Swim 

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