Switchfoot Headlines Rock the World


This weekend, Holiday World will host its second annual “Rock the World” Christian music festival. On Saturday, fans and bands will gather at the family friendly theme park in Santa Claus, Indiana for a day filled with thrills and music.

Headlining band, Switchfoot, will be accompanied by popular Christian music artists Kutless, Audio Adrenaline, and Adam Cappa. Regional acts such as Second Perception, Silver from the Flames, Building Nations, Faith Holt, Anthony Mossburg, theSurrendering, Crosstie, Narrow Path, and The Great Romance will also be performing. 

Daytime performances at the Hoosier Celebration Theater will run from 10am-5pm CDT; performances at the main stage in the lawn behind the Thanksgiving section of the park will run from about 6-11pm. Bench seating at the Hoosier Celebration Theater will be first come, first served. Seating at the main stage will be open to mark your spot with blankets and lawn chairs at 9:30am.

General admission, which includes park admission as well as concert admission, is only $70. For groups of 15 or more, children, and seniors, the price is only $65. And for season ticket holders, admission to the concert only is $35.

More information is available at Holiday World’s “Rock the World” website, www.holidayworld.com/rocktheworld. You can also find the festival on Facebook and Twitter under “Rock the World.”

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