Taking dance lessons with AYUTC


Friendship, dancing, and possibly more take the floor in Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks, which As Yet Unnamed Theatre Company will present starting Friday.

Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks are to happen on July 19, 20, 26, and 27 at 8 p.m. each night.  A matinee will go on July 28 at 2:30 p.m. All performances will take place in the Mex Theater at the Kentucky Center for the Arts, located at 501 W Main Street in downtown Louisville.

Tickets for each show are $16 per person.  All tickets can be purchased at the door, the Kentucky Center box office, the Kentucky Center website, or by calling the box office at 1-800-775-7777.  

Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks features a retired lady who is ready for something different when she decides to take dance lessons.  Her dance instructor and herself could not be further apart in background.  However, the more dance lessons that occur, the closer they get, and the deeper an unlikely connection becomes.

Elaine Hackett and Brad Lambert perform in Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks, which Sandy Richens Cohrs directed. 

More information on the show can be found at the Kentucky Center website.

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(Image from AYUTC)