TARC cuts routes after price increase [Transportation]



One month after a 25-cent price hike, TARC cut several routes around town and changed others in an attempt to save money. On a recent drive down Pindell Avenue—a fairly cramped street for a bus anyway—the three or four TARC signs I passed had the same message tacked to the pole in slick lamination: As of August 12, 2012 this route will no longer be in effect.

The route eliminations and changes occurred after a series of six public meetings, in which TARC received over 800 comments. It’s a tricky thing to balance—in an ideal world, of course the rates would be low and the routes would be more convenient. But it’s almost a Catch-22, since as the rates increase and the routes become less convenient, fewer people choose to ride the TARC. Public transportation is a necessity, especially in a city the size of Louisville, but constant hikes and slashes can become confusing and frustrating for regular riders, who potentially think, “If I’m paying more, why am I getting less?”

Routes to be eliminated include Iroquois-Fairdale Express and Deering Road Express. Routes to be altered include the Fourth Street Trolley, Eastern Parkway, and Westport Road. For a complete list of changes, visit TARC’s website here.

Photo Credit: TARC website


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