Theater profile: Whodunnit Murder Mystery Theater [Theater]



Have dinner and solve a murder, all in one night.  That's the basic premise behind Whodunnit Murder Mystery Theater.
Whodunnit's origins can be traced back to 2000 when Ann Waterman, alongside Joel Hellmann, created the group in Massachusetts.  Waterman, along with husband Niles Welch, started Whodunnit in Louisville after moving here in late 2004. The company has performed more than 30 productions since then, either at Masterson's or its current home in the Hyatt Regency downtown.  
Here's how a Whodunnit show works:  The audience attempts to solve the murder case by watching the show and gaining clues.  Also, in between scenes, cast members will move about the tables where audience members can ask questions about the case. The cast members can answer truthfully or evade entirely. Cast members are only allowed to lie when asked if they did it. That answer will be no.
Don't forget about dinner, which is to be had while watching the show and interviewing the "suspects".  
Dinner and a show are $43.95 per person, and advance reservations are strongly recommended.  Those can be made by calling Whodunnit's line at 502-426-7100.  
The next Whodunnit show is Reflections: Murder in a Hall of Mirrors.  That show will run from Feb. 11-Mar. 31 on Saturday nights with a special show on Valentine's Day.  
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