Thunder Over Louisville: Where to get the best information online

The Kentucky Derby Festival kicks off Saturday with Thunder Over Louisville, the air show and North America's largest fireworks display that has marked the two-week countdown to Derby since 1990. Rather than pretend I'm an expert on Thunder though (this year will be my first time in attendance), I'll direct you to helpful online resources that will help you enjoy the show. The official Thunder Over Louisville website For the same reason I don't get my news from official government outlets, I'm not a fan of getting information on events from their official websites. The Thunder Over Louisville website, however, provides a thorough (if busy) look at the event. News websites Social networks Thunder Over Louisville is being quite social this year with official (ugh, I hate that word) accounts on No, this reference isn't just a shameless plug for my employer.'s Kentucky Derby 2009 section is full of useful information about the entire Kentucky Derby Festival. (Photo: Flickr/7263255)