Tim Faulkner Gallery features live entertainment and visual art [Visual Art]

]Tim Faulkner Gallery features live entertainment and visual art [Visual Art]


Tim Faulkner Gallery was still swinging with entertainment long after the other galleries had closed their doors to the trolley hop this past Friday.
I stopped in to see Howard Wilson's animatronics exhibit and was pleasantly surprised to find Matt Anthony providing the upbeat sounds for the night.
Babs Fatale entertained with a smokin' hot outfit and purple fans. 
Although they weren't what I would expect when I hear "animatronics", Wilson's pieces were wonderfully playful and brightly colored. I was especially amused by the rendition of poet Ron Whitehead on a stage.
My son took a special interest in the other featured visual artist of the night, architect Nathan Smith. His work was in mixed media, dealing with recycled and salvaged materials.
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