Time Warner Cable drops WDRB [News]

Time Warner Cable drops WDRB [News]


Early this morning, Time Warner Cable (former Insight Communications), Metro Louisville’s cable-television system operator, dropped WDRB and WMYO from the cable line-up. Continuous negotiations between WDRB President and General Manager, Bill Lamb, and Time Warner went on through May. Lamb said on WDRB’s “Point of View”, “We feel we must at least be paid for fair market value,” however, an agreement was not reached by the deadline: Thursday midnight.

Other providers such as Dish and Direct TV will continue to carry WDRB and WMYO. Alternatively, an antenna may be used to receive local TV stations over the air for free.

For more information or contact details visit: www.WDRB.com


Photo: Courtesy www.WDRB.com