Toddler Hip-Hop dance classes at Milestone Fitness [Family and parenting]


My husband bought my son his first Michael Jackson album last week.  You would now think a herd of buffalos reside upstairs as my son has taken to transforming his once Star-Wars/Knight/anything-that-battles-with-weapons themed bedroom into a dance club.  Behind closed doors, he darns headbands and sunglasses, then jumps from his bed, break-dances, and does the worm across the hard-wood floors.  He's on fire and its contagious.  You know, dancing just feels good.  The worst of my days melt away when I join my kid in the robot.

Milestone Fitness has recently finished their first Hip-Hop Dance class for toddlers (ages 2-3) and is looking to begin another four-week session.  Led by Alison Kightlinger, who has a background with both the University of Louisville Dance Team and the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleading Squad, the little ones explore a non-competive hip-hop themed dance fitness routine aimed at keeping kids fit.  The session is made up of four, thirty-minute classes from 3:45-4:15 on Mondays.  Look for advertisements soon at

Kightlinger also teaches Kiddo Hip-Hop aimed at the 4-8 year-old stage-diving, moon-walking kind that has taken over my son's bedroom.  

Sunday, September 12th is Grandparents Day and Kightlinger will also host a Hip-Hop Class for children 2-4 and their grandparents in Room A at Milestone.  What a memorable way to celebrate Grandparents Day--bring the grandparents out to get their groove back and laugh until they pee.  Caution: dancing is contagious and may produce excessive giddiness.  Shake what your mama gave you.

 Photo courtesy of: Alison Kightlinger

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