Two Galleries, One Night, Saturday, September 10: "Emerging New Art Mecca" [visual arts]


Two Galleries, One Night, Saturday September 10th.

Geoff Carr and friends invite you to The Firehouse Gallery, where they will be exhibiting "From Distant Streets," and curator Richard Bram exhibits over 25 photographers from more than 15 nations and James Doiron will be debutingStreets: Near & Far

The Firehouse Gallery is located at 221 South Hancock 502-713-9221

Billy, Tom and Laura of the Gallery Hertz, invite you to "Obsessive Attention to Detail" featuring artists Michelle Castro and Jim Ferringer, whose work graced the walls on September 13th, 1991, when Gallery Hertz first opened its doors.

Come enjoy the afternoon in the gallery and enjoy a glass of wine in Tom’s opulent Mediterranean style garden. Come meet some of the artist, again enjoy his extraordinary exhibition! Music by Charles Rivera and cake cutting around 5:30!

The Gallery Hertz is located at 1253 S. Preston Highway St. 502-636-9722 or 502-551-1017