The U of L Floyd Theater presents 'Drinking Buddies'

The U of L Floyd Theater presents 'Drinking Buddies'

Emotions are strange. Emotions are complicated. Emotions can get a person into all sorts of trouble, not just outwardly, but inwardly. It's because of those pesky things – and my inability to control them – that the year 2013 has been, well, I have a label for it but professionalism prohibits me from sharing it here. Sometimes people feel things that they shouldn't. Sometimes people feel things that they wish they didn't, and it can be really hard to control these. Sometimes people feel things about other people and sometimes it's not appropriate but sometimes you wonder if maybe it should be appropriate, if maybe it's something you should act on, but other emotions are telling you that that's wrong, and then you have a battle of emotions which can be very confusing – especially if you add alcohol to the mix. I'm not talking about myself anymore, by the way – I've moved on to the topic of the article.

Which is: Drinking Buddies (a film I'm pretty sure we've previously discussed). This movie tells the story of two very good friends – Luke (Jake Johnson) and Kate (Olivia Wilde) – who are co-workers at a craft brewery in Chicago. They're friendly, flirtatious, perfect for each other – but both already dating other people. Luke's girlfriend, Jill (Anna Kendrick), is even ready to talk about marriage. But emotions happen and, well, everything gets a little muddled.

Drinking Buddies screens tonight, Friday, at the University of Louisville Floyd Theater, located on the U of L campus on the third floor of the Student Activities Center. As usual, pricing is $1.50 for students and $3 for the general public. For further details, check out the Facebook event page. I know it's cold outside – but brave it, then settle in to a wonderfully cozy theater with someone special for a good movie.

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