U of L play opens up mental illness discussion [Theater]

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Discussing mental illness, even though easier than in the past, is still a hard subject to approach.  U of L graduate student Jocelyn Matsuo approaches it via the original play Wrong With Me, a free show that takes place this weekend.
Wrong With Me performances will go on Feb. 9, 10, and 11 at 8 p.m. each night.  All shows will go on in U of L's Thrust Theatre, located at 2314 S. Floyd Street.  (Same intersection as the McDonalds.)
Tickets are not required, as the play is free.  However, the play is not recommended for young children.  
Wrong With Me looks at depression and bipolar disorder in an attempt to educate people about both.  Matsuo created the play after researching for more than a year, including listening to more than one hundred   U of L psychiatrist Gordon Strauss and the Louisville chapter of Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance worked with Matsuo on developing the production.
After each performance, Matsuo, Strauss, and Alliance president Michael Kuhl will participate in a talk-back session to answer questions about the play or mental illness.  
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