U of L Summer Movie Series presents 'Escape From Planet Earthh'

U of L Summer Movie Series presents 'Escape From Planet Earthh'

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it is summertime. I suppose technically it’s still spring, but school is out, and if you care to step outside, we have already had some particularly hot and humid days – and it will only get worse. But for now it’s generally nice out, and while you may be used to flocking in hordes to the University of Louisville during the course of the semester to take in the wonderful weekly offerings at the Floyd Theater, you can now head to a different part of campus for outdoor movies. The U of L summer movie series kicks off tonight (Friday) and it’s an event to which you can bring the kids (if you have them).

It is the first of many throughout the summer, and tonight it starts at 6:30 with inflatables and children’s activities, followed by a musical performance at 7:30 by local musician Leigh Ann Yost. It all culminates at dusk in a screening of the animated film Escape From Planet Earth.

Brendan Fraser lends his finest voice acting to the character of Scorch Supernova, a heroic space pilot from planet Baab. He is sent on a mission to the “Dark Planet” (Earth), a move which is discouraged by his family members, but he goes anyway – and finds out that it was a trap.

It all starts at 6:30 and it’s free. The event will take place behind the Speed School of Engineering. Complete details can be found at the U of L event page.

Image: Internet Movie Database

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