UK vs UL: More than just a rivalry [Chartiable Event]


The Cats and the Cards may be battling this Saturday in New Orleans, but they've been battling at the Kids Center for a few months. It's part of the Cats for Kids and Cards for Kids teams raising money for the Walk & Rolll for Kids.
Here are some fun ways you can support your favorite team:
1. Make a donation - Cards for Kids - Cats for Kids
2. Enter the penny war - stop by the Center and put some change in your
team's bucket
3. Join the team - become a walker for either side.
4. Vote for your favorite kid - we have three doing Cards or Cats spirit
videos - go to our Facebook page and LIKE your favorite video.
5. Be square - well, buy a square - for $1 - available at the Kids Center to
put on our Cards vs. Cats wall. You can also get a stack to do a
fundraiser at your school or business.

The Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies - formerly known and the Cerebral Palsy K.I.D.S. Center - has been serving families whose children have special needs since 1959. The agency provides outpatient therapy and family support services for kids with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Spina Bifida, autism, and other developmental disabilities. The Kids Center is located at 982 Eastern Parkway in the Kosair Charities Centre. For more information, call 502.635.6397, or visit .

Photo courtesy of Sara Lewis