University of Louisville Equestrian Team to host a Hunter Show at Stone Place Stables on September 23 [Equine]

University of Louisville Equestrian Team to host a Hunter Show at Stone Place St

On September 23, 2012 The University of Louisville Equestrian Team will host a Hunter Show at Stone Place Stables in Prospect, Kentucky. The show starts at 9:30 am with schooling allowed at 7 am to 9 am day of show. Classes to be held in the outdoor arena.

The following classes/divisions are offered:

Division A

1. Poles - Equitation

2. Poles - Equitation

3. W/T Equitation

Division B

4. Poles - Green Horse

5. Poles - Green Horse

6. W/T - Green Horse

Division C

7. 18" Crossrails - Equitation

8. 18" Crossrails - Equitation

9. W/T Equitation

Division D

10. 18" Crossrails - Green Horse

11. 18" Crossrails - Green Horse

12. W/T Green Horse

13. Lead Line Class

Division E

14. 18" Verticals - Equitation

15. 18"Verticals - Equitation

16. W/T Equitation

Division F

17. 21" Veritcals - Equitation

18. 21" Verticals - Equitation

19. WTC Equitation

Division G

20. 2' Hunter Over Fences

21. 2' Hunter Over Fences

22. WTC Undersaddle

Division H

23. 2'3 Hunter Over Fences

24. 2'3 Hunter Over Fences

25. WTC Undersaddle

Division I

26. 2'6 Hunter Over Fences

27. 2'6 Hunter Over Fences

28. WTC Undersaddle

Divsion J

29. 2'-2'6 Equitation

30. 2'-2'6 Equitation

31. WTC Equitation

32. Henry Wallace Memorial*Adult WTC Equitation*

Class Fees are $15 per class, School Horse Fee is $15, Non-Competition horse fee is $15.

Ribbons will be awarded through 6th place. Reserve Champion and Champions will be awarded for Hunter Divisions; riders must compete in all 3 classes in the division to be eligible.

Management reserves the right to combine, cancel, or divide classes as entries warrant.

Current Coggins is required upon entry. Approved helmets must be worn at all times. Informal Attire is allowed.

Concessions will be available.

For more information please contact Sarah Younger at: 502-938-0556, or by email at:

Stone Place Stables is located at 7718 Rose Island Rd., Prospect, KY 40059-8903.

Logo: Courtesy of U of L Equestrian Team


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