"Unspoken Truth" continues Today & Tomorrow at Spalding University (Louisville)

The tagline for "Unspoken Truth" says it better than I can : "UNSPOKEN TRUTH: AN EXHIBIT OF ADVOCACY AND HEALING FOR SURVIVORS OF PERSONAL VIOLENCE AND THOSE WHO LOVE THEM". This interactive art exhibit, which began on July 15, continues today and tommorrow and will be featuring a couple of films dealing with surviving personal violence, some spoken word poetry and panel discussions, as well as art work.The exhibit will be held in the Spalding University Library's Huff Gallery. It will run from 11:00am today through 4:40pm and pick up again tonight at 7:30pm with some performance art. For a complete schedule see here.  Huff Gallery is located in the Spalding Library at 853 Library Lane, between Fourth and Third Streets and Breckenridge and York Streets.