Vessel delivers absolute treasure to all who come along their journey [Music]


Well, there is no doubt that I’m on board with Vessel for the long haul.  Having finally seen their magic in action, I can honestly say they are amazing.  In the show’s preview write-up, Daniel Botula promised ‘Funktified Folk’ and what Vessel collectively delivered turned out to include seamless arrangements, phenomenal individual musical contributions, and an overall sound that simply moves the soul.

You may be a bit skeptical of such statements, but the only way for you to get on board is to actually catch them live.  It is very evident that all are very passionate musicians; share the stage with grace and generosity, and all the while allowing those in their presence to bask in the wondrous resonance they produce with apparent ease. 

I had the fortune to meet the lads and they’re all as nice as they are talented and truly appreciate the opportunity to attend their show.  For the love of great local music, please go see them and support their voyage.  You won’t be disappointed.

Your next chance is THIS Saturday at Al’s Bar in Lexington.

BUT, they will also be back for WFPK’s Waterfront Wednesday on May 30th here in Louisville.  Get their early as they go on at 6 and you really don’t want to miss this.


Photo Credit:  This Guy

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