Village 8 Louisville Exclusives presents 'Inequality for All'

Village 8 Louisville Exclusives presents 'Inequality for All'

Lots of rhetoric going around. This appears to be a critical time in our nation's history – but, honestly, it's felt that way for the past twelve years, so maybe it's time for everyone to stop jabbering and just learn to get along and settle down. But we can't do that – there are too many opposing viewpoints, conflicting ideologies, and people in power feeding us propaganda and lay people (on all sides of the political spectrum) spouting off bits of information they really know nothing (or very little) about (see: the aforementioned propaganda machine). The news is not the news, it's all editorial, and it's frustrating, because I, for one, have no idea what's really going on with anything, and at least I have the balls to admit it rather than going around declaring absolutely that THIS is what's going on and YOU'RE wrong. It's tiresome.

We like to think there are sources to turn to and people who we can trust to tell it like it is, and hopefully Robert Reich is one such personage. Reich is an expert on economic policy, and his credentials are impressive, which include teaching positions at Harvard and Berkeley and official positions in three presidential administrations. He comes to us now in the documentary Inequality for All, playing at Village 8 Theatres until tomorrow (Thursday). Reich walks us through the severely widening income gap in the country and looks at the disappearance of the middle class as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Village 8 is located at 4014 Dutchmans Lane. Further theater information and showtimes can be found at the Village 8 website.

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