Village 8 Louisville Exclusives presents 'Polisse' [Movies]

Village 8 Louisville Exclusives presents 'Polisse' [Movies[

There is a common saying: “Children are our most precious commodity” - which, now that I think about it, seems a little cold... Webster defines “commodity” as “an economic good,” and I'm pretty sure slavery of children is outlawed in most states. Semantics. The point of the quote is that children are perhaps the most important members of society. They are the ones who will next inherit the world; they will eventually be the ones to shape society. You know what? This still sounds a little cold to me – it's still branding them as “commodities.”

Look: children are innocent. The represent the purity of humanity. Their minds and personalities are still forming, and they still have the potential to become the best they can possibly be. I am the father of a two year old, and though she gives me no end of headaches, she has still provided me the greatest happiness I have ever known. I watch the news and hear about child abductions and abusive parents, and I can't understand why. It defies all reason.

Which brings us to today's topic: the French film Polisse, which screens this week as part of the Village 8 Louisville Exclusives series. The narrative of Polisse follows the Child Protection Unit in Paris, focusing specifically on the photographer assigned to cover them. The idea for the film came about when the director, Maiwenn, saw a documentary about the CPU and asked to accompany them for research purposes. All the cases presented in the film were actually witnessed by Maiwenn or related to her by the officers.

Polisse plays at Village 8 Theater until this Thursday, July 5. Village 8 is located at 4014 Dutchmans Lane. Further theater information and showtimes can be found at the Village 8 website.

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