Village 8 Louisville Exclusives presents 'Searching for Sugar Man' [Movies]

Village 8 Louisville Exclusives presents 'Searching for Sugar Man' [Movies]

We all have our musical icons – both individually and culturally. (This is where I usually get into my pretentious rant about Beatlemania, but I think I've already done that on this platform, so that will have to suffice for that small platform of faithful readers I like to think I have.) Sometimes, though, the iconography can be displaced. Take, for example, folk musician Rodriguez, who released two albums in the early 1970s. Never heard of him? Me, neither. Neither have many people – which is maybe a bit odd considering he is an American musician. Quite popular, too – in South Africa.

Rodriguez is the subject of the documentary Searching for Sugar Man, which opens today at Village 8 Theaters as the newest installment in the Louisville Exclusives series. The film follows two South African men, Steve Segerman and Craig Strydom as they try to track down their hero – possibly in vain, as the rumor of his suicide was well-known. But was it true? Is Rodriguez still alive? The answer to that is public knowledge, so revealing it wouldn't be spoiling anything – the film is more about the journey, the musician and his life, and the way that music connects us all with its power.

Searching for Sugar Man has received fantastic reviews and been gifted with many awards, including the Special Jury Prize and the Audience Award for best international documentary at the Sundance Film Festival. It is scheduled to screen at Village 8 for a week, ending on November 8, but this is subject to extension.

Village 8 is located at 4014 Dutchmans Lane. Further theater information and showtimes can be found at the Village 8 website.

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