WAVE 3's Dawn Gee, 102.3 The Max's George Lindsey and itinerant blogger to discuss media careers tonight [Classes and seminars]


WAVE 3 news anchor Dawne Gee, WXMA 102.3 morning show host George Lindsey and the bathrobed man pictured above are sharing their insights about careers in the media field tonight with the University of Louisville’s Communication Student Group, I-Comm.

The event (speeches, panel discussion, Q&A session) is 6:30–7:30 p.m. in the Chao Auditorium located in the basement level of the Eckstrom Library. It is open to the public. Parking is available in the garage next to the Speed Art Museum.

Can't make it or deciding whether to attend? The executive summary of my canned remarks (yes, that's me in the robe) about travel writing and online media:

  • It's a really nice feeling when a bartender at the Ritz-Carlton Guangzhou greets you with, "Mr. Everson! I was hoping we'd have the chance to talk. Do you like Scotch?"
  • Much like it's ok to be a gambling addict if you have a system, it's ok to be addicted to social media if it's for work.
  • Follow your dreams. You can reach your goals; I'm living proof... Beefcake, BEEFCAKE!


For more information, visit I-Comm’s website. If you can't make it, follow me on Twitter (@z_everson) as I'm going to tweet the !@#$ out of it.

Photo: Courtesy Johnny Jet


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