Wayward Actors' Almost, Maine is almost here [Theater]



In what can only be described as perfect timing, Wayward Actors Company presents Almost, Maine, beginning this Friday at the MeX. 
Set in a small, fictitious northern Maine town in—get ready—the middle of winter (see the connection now?), Almost, Maine becomes the backdrop for love’s fickleness as its residents walk the tightrope between in-love and out of it. 
Highly acclaimed by major publications since is off-Broadway debut in 2005, Almost Maine brings romantic comedy to an enchanting abode. 
The New York Post claims, “When the northern lights appear in the sky and the characters shine with the joyfulness of love, it’s hard not to believe that the wintry air of northern Maine isn’t the cure for heartache.”
Broadway.com calls it, “Utterly endearing.”
Wayward Actors Company calls it open, beginning Friday, January 20 at 8pm.
Almost, Maine will run through January 29 at the MeX in the Kentucky Center. Tickets are $16 and may be purchased in advance online or by calling the Kentucky Center box office at 584-7777. Tickets may also be purchased at the door, if available.
Image: Courtesy Wayward Actors Company