The weather broke just in time for Waterfront Wednesday [Downtown]


After flirting with triple digits for way too long, the weather has finally broken just in time for another Waterfront Wednesday.

If you ask me, Waterfront Wednesday is an extra special gift to people who work downtown but live on the Indiana side of the river. Let everyone else battle traffic across the bridge. You can walk from your office down to the great lawn, nosh on some fair food and listen to free live music until rush hour is over.

The band Sonos is kicking things off at 6 pm. I don't actually work downtown, but I love a cappella groups, so expect to see me giggling in delight to their covers of Radiohead and Bjork.  The Folksy Joshua James comes on at 7:30 followed by Carney at 9 pm. I've never heard Carny's music, but rumor has it the lead singer has been snatched up for the upcoming Broadway Musical of Spiderman. No, I'm not kidding.

For those of you who don't venture downtown often, remember all those parking meters are free after 6 pm. That means free music, free parking, and what looks like a gorgeous night of cool weather. Wednesday nights don't get much better than this.

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