Weird Craigslist Listing: Kid-safe donkey to protect your livestock [Technology]


I almost want to buy this donkey just to say that I have a donkey that's not only safe for kids to ride, but for a cool $75, it will also protect your livestock. I can't help but laugh as I'm writing this!

Sometimes it's just so funny that I can't help but laugh as I type the entire article. This week's Weird Craigslist Listing doesn't quite surprise me. But straight out of Vine Grove, Kentucky comes this poor little donkey looking for a great home that small people or children can ride while protecting your livestock. 

Honestly, what better way to entertain and empower your child than have them ride, ummm.... Betsy (made up that name - feel free to add what name you think the donkey should be named in the comments) while protecting your livestock!

According to Craigslist Louisville (note: image is not from posting):  

he is a great 2 year old donkey kids can ride but best of all will protect your livestock 75.00 calls are best 502 357 0375 

PostingID: 2090200255

Photo: Flickr/Clear Inner Vision

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