WFPK’s Waterfront Wednesdays kick off is taking the sound downtown [Music]


It’s been roughly 8 years since I’ve been in Louisville for the full effect of the weeks of Derby debauchery, but the kickoff of ‘Waterfront Wednesdays’ sits atop my list of ways to really get things started.  Tonight, may just fill that void in one fell swoop.  Louisville’s own The Tunesmiths, Sugar and the Hi-Lows, and Chicago’s soul shaking JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound pack the bill with regional rock/soul/bluesy pumped-up goodness from start to finish.

This week also marks the record release party for The Tunesmiths so once you absorb all the mojo they drop tonight, be sure and look for that Friday at Headliner’s.  I can’t determine what I’m looking forward to the most but if I were you I certainly would brave this 35% chance of rain, for most of the night, to check it out.  Besides it’s Derby season and now that you’ve dried out from Saturday, toughen up, throw on your wellies and let’s do this.

Now, if only JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound did a cover of Wilco’s ‘I Am Trying to Break Your Heart’ that would really be something to see…oh wait…and boom goes the dynamite.


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