What Is Museum Plaza? [Preview: IdeaFestival]


I had the opportunity to stop by the IdeaFestival today although most of the action will begin tomorrow and culminate on Oct. 2. I ventured down to 707 W. Main to the Museum Plaza Sales Office. They were not quite ready for visitors today so I will have to go back on Wednesday to check it out, but I saw enough to pique my interest. Join me in finding out just what Museum Plaza is and check out works by Sanford Biggers, Brent Green, Jae Rhim Lee & George Legrady. It's called the Exhibition of Creative Capital Artists and, from what I saw, contains a series of art work and displays of what I'd consider dream kitchen, dining and bath areas. The exhibition is slated to run daily from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM.


Photo of flyer by Tarsha Stith