Who is Rick Pitino? I've never heard of him. [Louisville newbie]


I had the afternoon off today and I decided to do some house cleaning. This is a chore that I loath and to get through it I always have to turn on the TV. WAVE 3 News was on and the anchors were going on and on about some guy named Rick Pitino. Apparently, there is a trial currently taking place because he allegedly raped a woman at Porcini's in downtown Louisville.

Quick side note: now the idea of eating at this Italian restaurant gives me a gag reflex...who has sex near other people's food?!

Regardless, I found it noteworthy that as the anchors are discussing the case they never explained who Rick Pitino was. Why should I care about this guy and his sexual misconducts? They just assumed the viewer was aware.

Well, I was not aware. I had to Google this guy to figure out who he is. Google told me that Rick Pitino is the University of Louisville's basketball coach. Okay, now I understand, but it would have been easier if WAVE 3 reported stories with all information attached...just in case you're new to town.

 Photo courtesy of About.com

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