Wild and Woolly Film Series presents 'With My Own Two Wheels' and 'The Bicycle Thief' tonight [Movies]

Wild and Woolly Film Series presents 'With My Own Two Wheels' and 'The Bicycle T

It is time, my friends, for another installment in the Wild and Woolly Film Series at the Clifton Center. This month is something special: the Clifton Center and Wild and Woolly Video have partnered up with Bicycling For Louisville to bring a double feature of fantastic films about... bicycles!

The screenings begin at 7:00 with “With My Own Two Wheels,” a documentary about the transformative power of the bicycle. The film follows five individuals in five countries – Zamibia, Guatemala, India, Ghana, and America – who have been able to use this vehicle to create positive change in peoples' lives. The film was produced by bicycle-advocacy groups such as World Bike Relief and Bikes Not Bombs.

The documentary is to be followed by a classic of Italian cinema: the 1948 neorealist film “The Bicycle Thief” (original Italian title: “Ladri di Biciclette” - which actually translates to "Bicycle Thieves," a possible significant distinction). The film tells the story of Antonio, who is desperate for work and fortunate enough to finally land a job – but  then his bicycle, necessary for his job is stolen. The film follows Antonio and his son as they try to track down the thief and find the bicycle. While the story may seem simple in itself, the film doubles as a startling portrait of post-war Italy and the poverty which pervaded the country. The gorgeous black-and-white cinematography lends a stark reality to the picture, making for a deeply moving viewing experience.

It all happens tonight: Wednesday, April 18. The Clifton Center is located at 2117 Payne Street. Admission is free for members of the Clifton Center and Bicycling For Louisville and $5.00 for the general public. A cash bar and concessions will be available starting at 5:30. As mentioned, the films begin at 7:00.

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