Wild & Woolly in the Woods presents the second annual Zombie Hike and a screening of 'Let Sleeping Corpses Lie' [Movies]

Wild & Woolly in the Woods presents the second annual Zombie Hike and a screenin

As a cinephile committed to patronizing local businesses over chain stores whenever possible, it should come as no surprise that my favorite such store is the great Wild and Woolly Video. There is, quite simply, nothing like it for lovers of film. You can find anything there – and if you can't, they'll find it for you. There are gems you wouldn't even think would exist. I can't say how many times I've headed for the “Wild and Woolly” section to find something appropriate for a drunken movie night and had to make an agonizing decision between all the bizarre options – do we want classic lesbian erotica? Zombie cheerleader gore-porn? A collection of educational safety videos from the 1950s? (Hint: go with “Rent-a-Friend,” in which you, the viewer, are invited to literally converse with a man on-screen.) Wild and Woolly celebrates fifteen years of excellent service this year, and to celebrate they are hosting Wild and Woolly in the Woods at Jefferson Memorial Forest.

It starts at 7:00 tomorrow (Saturday, October 13) with the second annual zombie hike – so come dressed in your finest blood and gore. There will be costume contests, trivia, prizes, beer from BBC, food from Taco Punk, and, best of all, a screening of the 1974 zombie classic Let Sleeping Corpses Lie. Although made 38 years ago, there is an implied social commentary which feels relevant to today's movement towards organic food: chemical pesticides are bringing the dead back to life! And while people are dying, the police are convinced the culprits are two innocent men, who must elude capture and prove their innocence.

Admission to all the festivities is free, but parking is $5.00, so carpooling is encouraged. Directions to Jefferson Memorial Forest can be found at the Metro Parks website, and complete details about the event can be found on Facebook.

Image: Facebook event page

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