Windchaser Pictures presents a pitch contest at this weekend's Fright Night Film Fest [Movies]

Windchaser Pictures presents a pitch contest at this weekend's Fright Night Film

So, you've made a movie. It was a lot of work, I'm sure. You had to write the script and hone it to perfection. You had to get together actors and a film crew, then you had to coordinate schedules, followed by long days of shooting. When that's all done, you had to take all those hours of footage you accrued and edit it all together to make a coherent story. Hopefully the end result is something special, something unique, something you. Congratulations: you've made a movie.

Now what?

I attended the Derby City Film Fest earlier this year, and one question posed to all the filmmakers following the screenings of their films was their plans for distribution. Many of them didn't really have an answer. It may be something the amateur filmmaker doesn't much think about: how to get their film out to an audience after it's completed. It's easy to submit films to festivals, but the logistics behind getting any kind of a DVD release, or – if you're really ambitious – a theater release is much more complicated.

Filmmaker attendees of this weekend's Fright Night Film Fest: I bring word of an opportunity that might just result in a breakthrough towards solving your distribution woes. Windchaser Pictures, producers of the film Huff, is hosting a contest for which the prize is a private consultation with a distribution expert. In their words:

Give us a 30-second “elevator pitch” of your film on-camera! We’ll help you get the word out about your project on our podcast available on iTunes or, and you’ll be entered to win a FREE 1/2 HOUR CONSULTATION ($150 value) with Los Angeles-based Film Distribution Expert Jerome Courshon!

The Windchaser Pictures booth will be located in the Fandom Fest convention hall all weekend. For those interested in seeing what they're all about, the film Huff will be screening Saturday night at 8:30.

Image: Jerome Courshon's website

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