Wine Down Yoga Starts Back Up at Old 502

Wine Down Yoga

You might be hard pressed to find someone who spends the week working and doesn’t enjoy a nice glass of wine in the evening to unwind. You could also probably find someone with relative ease that enjoys doing some yoga for the same reasons. And if you could combine both of those activities into one? Well, I’m sure plenty of people would say “sign me up!” If you’re in that group, Old 502 Winery has a treat for you - Wine Down Yoga Wednesday nights at the winery.


Wine Down Yoga is the brainchild of Eric Gurevich, Old 502’s community outreach coordinator.  He spent a few years studying law at U of L, and then realized something wasn’t right.


“I was really miserable,” he said, “I was unhealthy, and I felt out of balance.” Eric started doing yoga and found a new passion. He quit the program, went to India for three months and earned his yoga instructor’s certificate while there. He came back and started working at Old 502, and the ideas just coalesced - unfortunately, very close to Derby time. There were three classes held earlier in the year, and then they had to stop for Derby prep, but starting May 21st at 6PM, they’re back on.


Eric instructs the class, which is taught in a Hatha Vinyasa style. It’s targeted at those in the beginner to intermediate categories, and is an hour long. After Namaste-ing out of the upstairs event room, participants retire to the tasting room for a full wine tasting or one glass of your choice of wine, which is included in the $15 cost of the class. My first thought? $15 is around the same cost as a drop-in class at a yoga studio, and they don’t serve me wine afterwards.


The class will run every two weeks at 6PM, and starts on May 21st. For more info and a schedule (once it’s posted), check out Old 502 Winery’s Facebook page.


Photo courtesy of Eric Gurevich


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